Vladimir Putin, watch guy. Yes, our president’s best friend-enemy is somewhat like a horological connoisseur, and, as we’ve reported over the years, his collection consists of everything from a Blancpain Aqualung that he wore while signing the treaty to annex Crimea to a range of other watches that make up six times what his declared yearly income is. Today, however, we’ve found the most impressive and most popular timepiece from the Putin collection, and it’s ready for the market. replica Patek Philippe
As a matter of fact, the watch is just a grand complication Patek Philippe wristwatch which is one of the most sophisticated watches that the replica Patek Philippe has ever made, and it includes a minute repeater, a mono-pusher chronograph, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar. It is one of the most significant wristwatches in the world.
The watch was seemingly sold to Mr. Putin at London’s Watches of Switzerland location, though a date is not visible on the documentation. Now, to be clear, it is possible that someone may have filled out the certificate of this watch with Mr. Putin’s name, so there is no way to confirm it was actually sold to him, unluckily, it seems impossible to get the answer, as Patek Philippe retailers are instructed to print the real name of the purchaser on the papers as the watch is delivered. Still, nothing is impossible, and Antiquorum’s listing is anything but complete at this moment – further it is hosted on Antiquorum’s new partner in European auctions, Monaco Legends. There is not even an estimate listed on this lot yet, and the auction house is still looking for more consignments for this mid-July sale in Monaco.
As more details become available and the story to be shared with you, we’ll be sure to update this posting by providing more contexts on this most impressive timepiece owned by this most powerful politician. However, we are always here for the newest and latest information of the world popular replica watches.