A Gift for the 2021 Breitling Endurance Pro

While many watches are aimed at people with active lifestyles, they often feature bulky stainless steel cases and fragile mechanical movements. Think “sports watch,” which probably fits both criteria. But with such a clear purpose, why not use lightweight materials, and couldn’t a sturdy quartz movement handle vibrations and shocks better than a mechanical one?
This was the driving concept behind the development of the Endurance Pro, a timepiece designed in line with its intended use. Aimed squarely at active watch enthusiasts, Breitling has even launched the “Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge,” which encourages the wearer to last 500 minutes in swimming, running, cycling, hiking, or any sport that promotes sweating and a higher heart rate.  
The Endurance Professional is the spiritual successor to the Breitling Sprint, a chronograph produced in the 1970s with a resin case and a pulsometer scale. Theoretically, the pulsometer scale helps athletes measure their own heart rate. The modern Endurance Pro continues this feature with a case made of unconventional materials, and the Endurance Pro is made of Breitlight, a material introduced in 2016. It’s 3.3 times heavier than titanium and 5.8 times heavier than stainless steel, which makes it ideal for sports applications, but it’s also interesting from a materials science standpoint. It’s hypoallergenic, lightweight, and Breitling reports that it’s “warmer to the touch than metal.”
The “20-year rule” states that specific styles and trends in fashion operate on a twenty-year cycle: 20 years pass and what’s old becomes cool again. The aesthetics of the Endurance Pro watch fit the requirements of the Boy Meets World shoot, which is why I was particularly interested in it. For many collectors, the Endurance Pro will seem quite familiar. It exudes the “classic” vibe of a Breitling from the 90s. The steady rise of athleisure in the fashion world over the past few years has set the stage for the release of such a watch, but I’m sure it will surprise many collectors because it harkens back to a more recent era than many of Breitling’s replica watches released last years, such as the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage ’57 Capsule Collection or the Top Time Limited Edition.
Not everyone wants to abuse the Luminox or G-Shock while biking or hiking – some want to make it even fancier when they’re out and about, and this is the watch for just such an occasion. You can get some serious tradition in this well-equipped watch to stand up to a proper whipping. Appreciating replica watches is largely a sedentary hobby – so any watch that requires people to engage in 500 minutes of strenuous activity is a good thing. Essentially, Endurance Pro is a fun watch, and we could always use more of them.