If you are an avid collector, you probably have a watch or two in your drawer that is wound but hasn’t been worn in a long time. Perhaps the watch is no longer your style or your collection has outgrown it. If this is the case for you, then we highly recommend that you trade watches with us and use those funds to purchase a watch for someone special in your life to wear, admire and enjoy every day.  
If you own a watch that is just sitting in your drawer anyway, this is a great opportunity to finally find a use for it. It’s also a wonderful sentiment, especially during the holidays, to take something that once meant something to you and use it to buy someone a gift you know they will cherish for the rest of their life.
For example, you might notice that someone doesn’t have a dress watch in their collection, and a beautiful 18k yellow gold Day-Date might fill that void. However, if they are an outdoorsman who doesn’t attend many events or dress up often, they probably won’t own a fake watch because they will never wear it.
If the bulk of their collection consists of stainless steel tool watches, a great alternative to a classic dress watch is a luxury sports watch that fits their lifestyle but adds a bit of modern glamour to their closet. That’s why we love watches like the Yacht-Master ref. 16622. This high-performance watch is extremely durable, but its luxurious solid platinum bezel looks more relaxed than the gorgeous gold and two-tone models. This choice adds a touch of luxury appeal that your loved one will appreciate but still fits easily into their everyday lifestyle.
Similar to their lifestyle, you’ll want to consider the way the person you’re buying dresses. If they spend 75% of their time in a suit and tie, you’ll want to consider an outfit that fits them better and allows them to easily fit into their closet.
On the other hand, if your friend is always dressed casually but stylishly, you may want to choose a two-tone watch that allows them to wear more or less. Or, it might be fun to give them something with a beautiful pop of color that you know they’ll be able to rock – like the vibrant blue Rolex Submariner or the Oyster Perpetual with its bright and vivid dial.