Luxury Sport Rolex Yacht-Master White Gold Oysterflex Model

Rolex may have originally built its legendary reputation by making tough and reliable sports and tool watches, but the brand’s days as a maker of utilitarian timekeeping equipment are long gone. Today, fake Rolex is a full-fledged luxury brand, and it is arguably the single most famous luxury brand in the entire world. Considering the fact that countless people around the world cannot buy a Submariner, even though they are more than willing to pay full retail price, it almost becomes a travesty to think of a military branch supplying its troops with Rolex Submariner watches. In fact, the Rolex Submariner is in such high demand that most people are willing to pay well over the retail price of a brand new one just to skip the years of waiting lists and add it to their collection.
While Rolex is transitioning into a luxury manufacturer, it has never stopped producing reliable, well-made sports watches. However, the nature of its sports watches has certainly evolved into a more luxury-oriented approach, much like the brand’s positioning in the larger watch market. Rolex began producing sports watches back in the 1950s and 1960s, and while its products have always been considered fine timepieces, they have hardly considered luxury items, let alone status symbols.
Today, Rolex sports watches are some of the most iconic and popular luxury timepieces in existence, and wearing a Rolex sports watch has become a recognized symbol of success and personal achievement. Because of their implied connotations, modern Rolex replica watches need to do more than just be tough and reliable; they also need to offer something to shine and match the magnificent and unique image of Rolex itself.
The Yacht-Master 42 model 226659 is the wonderful poster child for the modern Rolex brand. Its monochromatic silhouette paired with a matte black ceramic bezel and black Oysterflex strap make this watch essentially casual and sporty, and at first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a humble stainless steel model. However, Rolex is not a brand known for making exaggerated statement pieces. The white gold Yacht-Master 42 is the perfect statement piece for those who don’t want to make a statement, and that’s exactly why ref. 226659 is the perfect poster child for the modern Rolex brand.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN


The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116500LN is one of the brand’s most coveted watches. Even though it was launched in 2016, it still takes a while to get a brand new piece from retailers. That’s why the pre-owned market for this watch is booming. Even so, pre-owned Rolex Daytona 116500LN watches are priced not too far from their original price, and sometimes even more expensive. A closer look at each of the watch’s parts will surely tell you why it is such a worthy piece to own. watches
There is so much to love about both dials and, in all honestly, it is hard to choose between the two. They are both wonderful timepieces and it’s hard to pick just one if you have to pick one. The best way to know what is better for you is to see it in person and know which one appeals to you more.
With the change on the bezel, some people expected the layout to change as well. However, Rolex has retained the layout of the chronograph. The chronograph’s 30-minute sub-dial is located at 3 o’clock. In addition, the indicator for the running seconds is located at 6 o’clock. At the same time, you get a 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock.
Powering the replica Rolex Cosmonaut Daytona 116500LN is the Rolex Manufacture caliber 4130, the first in-house movement ever made by the brand. It is a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement that has been used in Rolex Daytona watches since 2000. The use of this movement marked the launch of the third generation of Daytona watches.
The great thing about the Rolex Calibre 4130 is that it is a monolithic workhorse. This means that it has fewer components and more reliable performance. The oscillator of this movement is equipped with the brand’s blue Parachrom hairspring. It is incredibly resistant to magnets. Therefore, it is a great choice when you are over a magnetic field. It is also resistant to any fluctuations in temperature, as well as shocks. Even if the temperature suddenly drops or rises, it remains very accurate. The accuracy of this movement is about +2/-2 seconds per day. This means that the movement is a certified chronometer.
With a power reserve of 72 hours, it is a very good watch to keep around. It remains faithful to its status as a timepiece made for racetracks and elsewhere.

Omega Watches at the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards

The 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night, honoring the best in American television and film for 2020 and the early part of 2021. As one would expect from Hollywood’s premier awards show of the year, many fantastic OMEGA watches appeared at the digital event and were worn by nominees and winners.
Among the notables wearing OMEGA watches at the 78th Golden Globe Awards were Nicole Kidman (nominated for Best Performance by an Actress, Limited Series, Anthology Series or TV Movie), Sacha Baron Cohen (triple nominee for both Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy and Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy) and Eugene Levy (nominated for Best Performance and Best TV Series winner).   omega omeg-076695_04
Five-time Golden Globe winner and OMEGA brand ambassador Nicole Kidman naturally wore a watch from the historic Swiss watchmaker to the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Kidman, who was nominated for the award for “Best Actress, Limited Series, Anthology Series or Television Film Production” for her role in “The Undoing”, wore her OMEGA Moonlight Gold Trésor watch.
Golden Globe Awards Omega Moonshine Gold Tresor Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman’s watch features a slim 36mm case in the brand’s proprietary 18-carat moonlight gold with 38 full-cut diamonds on each side and elegant curves, and a dial (also in 18-carat moonlight gold) displaying a silky pattern with diamond-polished hands and Roman numeral hour markers. The watch is powered by the replica OMEGA Caliber 4061 quartz movement, which is located on the back of the polished mirror watch and decorated with the brand’s “Her Time” motif.
Continuing the aesthetic established by the case and dial, the watch includes a matching mesh bracelet in moonlight gold with a silk-like pattern and a special folding clasp. Completing the watch is a winding crown with a single diamond surrounded by a red liquid ceramic flower that is made up of five interlocking OMEGA logos.
Sacha Baron Cohen, a three-time Golden Globe nominee and winner of both the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy award for the film Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, wore the new OMEGA Speedmaster Moon Watch, which was just released in early January of this year, at the 78th Golden Globe Awards The Master Chronometer watch was on display.
Golden Globe Awards Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer Hesalite Sacha Baron Cohen
While OMEGA produced two versions of the new generation of the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch, Sacha Baron Cohen’s watch appears to be the classic model, featuring the traditional Hesalite crystal and solid steel case-back mounted on its 42 mm stainless steel case. Matching the watch is an updated and redesigned five-arch link bracelet that includes a fully brushed face that distinguishes it from the version fitted with a sapphire crystal and display case-back.
Inspired by the fourth generation of the Speedmaster style worn on the moon, this watch comes with a black stepped dial and the famous 90+ dots on the anodized aluminum bezel insert, with an overall aesthetic very much in line with the classic Speedmaster Professional, instantly recognizable as an OMEGA Moonwatch. With this in mind, the most important update that accompanies the brand’s new generation of Speedmaster replica watches is the brand’s caliber 3861, a movement with Co-Axial escapement and Chronometer Master certification that brings the performance of the iconic Moonwatch straight into the modern era.
Eugene Levy was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Television Series for his role in “Hitler’s Creek” and won a Golden Globe when the show won Best Drama-Musical or Comedy. Found on his wrist is the Omega Speedmaster Grey Moon Face “Meteorite” watch, which can be seen peeking out of his cuff during the digital event.
Eugene Levy’s watch features a 44.25mm solid grey ceramic case that includes 18K Sedna gold hands and a matching Sedna gold bezel with silicon nitride inserts and Ceragold tachymeter scale. The watch is powered by the OMEGA Calibre 9300 movement, which features the brand’s Co-Axial escapement, silicon balance spring, double mainspring barrel, and an integrated chronograph controlled by a column wheel and vertical clutch system.
The matching grey leather strap and titanium folding clasp add the finishing touches to the watch. The real party piece of this replica rolex watch, however, is its meteorite dial with complementary 18-carat Sedna gold hour markers. Since meteorite is a naturally occurring substance with different grain structures varying from example to example, no two watches will be exactly alike. Considering the Speedmaster’s association with space exploration and the extraordinary nature of the meteorite material itself, this watch represents a natural pairing that would look great with Eugene Levy’s gray suit.

A buying guide for Rolex Submariner date watches

If you are an avid collector, you probably have a watch or two in your drawer that is wound but hasn’t been worn in a long time. Perhaps the watch is no longer your style or your collection has outgrown it. If this is the case for you, then we highly recommend that you trade watches with us and use those funds to purchase a watch for someone special in your life to wear, admire and enjoy every day.  
If you own a watch that is just sitting in your drawer anyway, this is a great opportunity to finally find a use for it. It’s also a wonderful sentiment, especially during the holidays, to take something that once meant something to you and use it to buy someone a gift you know they will cherish for the rest of their life.
For example, you might notice that someone doesn’t have a dress watch in their collection, and a beautiful 18k yellow gold Day-Date might fill that void. However, if they are an outdoorsman who doesn’t attend many events or dress up often, they probably won’t own a fake watch because they will never wear it.
If the bulk of their collection consists of stainless steel tool watches, a great alternative to a classic dress watch is a luxury sports watch that fits their lifestyle but adds a bit of modern glamour to their closet. That’s why we love watches like the Yacht-Master ref. 16622. This high-performance watch is extremely durable, but its luxurious solid platinum bezel looks more relaxed than the gorgeous gold and two-tone models. This choice adds a touch of luxury appeal that your loved one will appreciate but still fits easily into their everyday lifestyle.
Similar to their lifestyle, you’ll want to consider the way the person you’re buying dresses. If they spend 75% of their time in a suit and tie, you’ll want to consider an outfit that fits them better and allows them to easily fit into their closet.
On the other hand, if your friend is always dressed casually but stylishly, you may want to choose a two-tone watch that allows them to wear more or less. Or, it might be fun to give them something with a beautiful pop of color that you know they’ll be able to rock – like the vibrant blue Rolex Submariner or the Oyster Perpetual with its bright and vivid dial.